Darren Bagwell | Husband, Father, Founder, Creative Director

In 2007, while importing diamond finished jewelry to North American retailers from a manufacturer in India,  Darren quickly became aware of margin and quality. During the same time, he was a resource for his friends looking for an engagement ring. At this point, it dawned on Darren that there was a better way for guys to purchase the most important piece of jewelry to date. Darren is passionate about guiding you in a pressure-free experience, that will produce the highest quality piece of jewelry that will last forever. Darren loves love, and everything that marriage brings. This is why he considers it a privilege to help guide you in this exciting step toward marriage.


Chuy Lim | Husband, Father, Designer, Craftsman

Chuy Lim and his family survived being displaced by civil war in Cambodia, and landed in the USA in the early 1980’s. Ever since he began putting roots down in California, he has been passionately and joyfully working his butt off. With over 25 years experience crafting jewelry, Chuy is obsessed with perfection and cares about every piece of jewelry he puts his hands on. He is a master craftsman, designer and bench jeweler. If you know him, you love him.