How can I pay for my jewelry? 


We accept all three major Credit Cards, Cash or Check. Please note, there is a 3% fee if using a credit card.

We do not offer financing due to the banks charging us a ridiculous amount of money to do so.  

Our goal has always been to keep overhead as low as possible to pass along the savings to our customers.


The Gemological Institute of America created the diamond grading system. The majority of the diamonds we sell are certified by GIA. EGL USA, and IGI are a few of the competing diamond certification companies that do not grade diamonds as accurately as GIA. It is important that your diamond is certified to be able to identify the diamond and know its source.

We work with each customer to find the perfect fit, according to their desire and budget.


What do I need to know about diamond certificates?

Do I need to get my diamond appraised?

Most likely, especially if you plan on insuring your diamond ring. Appraisals cost anywhere from $95-$120. Appraisal establishes the retail replacement value of your piece of jewelry. It differs from the diamond certificate, because it is the diamond and custom piece of jewelry combined and valued at retail cost. We offer appraisal in house, so be sure to request this if you need it.

What is Union's ethical commitment?

We value people. We want everyone involved in the process of producing your perfect piece of jewelry to be treated fairly and ethically. This is why Union Jewelry will only work with diamond, gem and precious metal suppliers who we know and trust. This has always been a high value of Union Jewelry, and we will continue to make sure everything we sell comes from legitimate sources and trusted partnerships.

Why should I trust Union Jewelry? 

If not us, we recommend you trust whoever you are dealing with in creating the most important and valuable piece of jewelry you will ever purchase. Because the market is saturated, there will always be someone telling you what you want to hear to make the sale. Trust is important.

We are so grateful for the trust that our customer base has shown us. We have produced rings for customers in Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, Canada and all across the United States.


How does the purchasing process work?

First, you need to know what you want to spend and have an idea of what you want to build. For example, if you want to spend $10,000 and are looking at designing a classic diamond halo engagement ring, we would quote you on ring creation and bring in diamonds or gemstones within the remaining budget for you to choose from.

Below is an example:

Budget: $10,000

Ring creation: $1,500

Diamond Max Cost: $7,700

Rough Tax Estimate at 8%: $800


Is there a warranty or guarantee on my ring?

Yes, it is our word. We are a small business built on integrity. We really care about what we produce, and our top priority is that you are satisfied. We are in business because of referrals from all of our happy customers, which is why we go to extra lengths to take care of you. No matter what it takes, we make sure you receive the highest of quality in your piece of jewelry, and that it lasts forever.