K + T Wedding

We got the scoop on one of our most recent Union customer love stories, and we're so excited to share this treasure with you!

Here's just a little snippet of their story...

"Teddy and I met in Highschool back in Michigan- he was a senior, I was a freshman.  And then we reconnected after college, when I moved to California in 2010 for work. We dated on and off for 8 years through many cities, states and career changes.  He proposed January 2017…and the rest is history!"


 What do your wedding rings/bands symbolize to you, in your relationship specifically? 

"Our rings represent our commitment to one another.  It’s a beautiful and sparkly symbol of our relationship and commitment to work through all the ups and downs together forever.  We have a soul contract, and our rings remind us of that constantly."   


What advice would you give to other couples who are getting ready to buy their wedding bands and tie the knot?

"I’d say to get something you really love and can afford without stressing about it.  Try on all different types and styles- because just like a wedding dress, the perfect ring is probably one you hadn’t imagined until you tried it on. Ask for advice from friends and family sparingly- everyone will have a different opinion, and it really doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, it matters what you think."


How was your experience with Union Jewelry Co.?

"Amazing!  We love that you worked with us every step of the way- through designs and re-designs and over and over.  It was great to be able to send images and texts back and forth and know that you knew exactly what we wanted.  You were always on our same page.  Not to mention, the quality of diamonds and the craftsmanship is ideal.  I receive compliments daily on how beautiful and bright my rings are.  I’m obsessed. "

Congrats Kiley & Teddy! 

Congrats Kiley & Teddy!